There are a lot of people I would like to thank for the making of this website.

(1) I would like to thank anyone I ever taught either in my class or as the coach of the Cranial Crunch team. On a good day or a bad day, I hope you remember my class as one of your favorites and I, as one of your favorite teachers. I always tell new teachers, "its not the kids who are the problem, its the adults who run this system that are the problem."

(2) The Mr. Levine Tech Crew-Samuel Schiff (Cranial Crunch 2006), Islam Moftah (Class of 2008) and Thaddeus Goode (Class of 2008) who taught me how to use powerpoint, David Pettinato (Class of 2009), Devin Fu (Class of 2009), Nicholas Lettiere (Class of 2009) and Julian Freedland (Class of 2009) who taught me how to build this web page. (I am forever in your debt and am grateful for what you taught me.)

(3) My 8th grade team-Michele "Camps" Camputaro, Jaime Vetere, Jackie Francis, who keep me grounded and focused on the 150 students who come to us in September and then leave us in June. They are incredible teachers and are just the nicest people in the world. I also want to thank Kara Grossman, Kellyanne Gallo and Neil Haggerty, who were my partners until I moved down the hall.

(4) Lizbeth Ziznewski and Maryann Battaglia, the other 8th grade American History teachers who I hope will use this site for their own purposes.

(5) The faculty and administration of IS 61. They are nice enough to leave me alone and let me teach.

(6) The Levine/Eichler/Elias and Grimaldi families who love my stories both inside and outside the classroom.

(7) Chris Corrao, Joe Luisi, Meaghan "Muginger" Gormley-Whitesides, and "Super" Dave Ferrelli-the Ladies Night Coalition.

(8) Jesse Lynn, John Sousa, Adam Kushnick, Kashif Siddiqi, Ross Goodfellow, Ronen Trincher and Joe Jusay-my Staten Island mafia and concert buddies. 

And of course, I am nothing without Michelle, Ava and Sophia who, day-after-day, yell at me to get off the computer. I love you with "all the madness in my soul" and in good times and bad, you are the three biggest loves of my life.

If I forgot you, I'm sorry.

Adam Levine