Social Studies Fair

The 8th Grade Social Studies Fair will be held on April 30th,2009.

The topics for the Social Studies Fair for the 8th Grade can be selected from 1877 to the present. It can be a person, place, trend, fad or historical event which occurred during the course.

You are to use a posterboard, just as you did in the 7th Grade.Please include a substantiative report (no fixed number of pages) along with pictures, graphs, charts, etc. to give me indication that you spent longer than a day doing the research for the project.

The project must also include a display or model which is separate from the posterboard. The 8th Grade fair projects can easily be made into a model and please ask me for suggestions because as you know, I may be able to help and provide assistance.

You are to work in a group. However, the maximum number for all groups is three members. You are allowed towork with members of other classes, but please make it a point to tell me who is in your group. I would also be appreciative if you could tell me who is not working in your group.

There are no presentations for the fair. Presentations are tiring, boring and I know that when you present your project, I will spend more time disciplining those people who enjoy SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATER rather than listening to your presentation. 

Grades will be given on a 1-to-4 basis, 1 is indicative of garbage while a 4 is indicative of a well-constructed project. These grades are to count towards the third marking period. This is a MAJOR piece of work, failing to complete the project over the next eight weeks will probably punch your ticket to summer school.

There are ten projects I can submit. There is a chance that you may receive a 4, but won't go to the fair. There are too many teachers that submit too many projects, so I am only permitted ten projects.

Today is February 2, 2009. The project was assigned on November 1, 2008.The project is due on April 22, 2009, the day after April break.THIS IS THE ONLY DATE!!!

Have Fun and some advice, think outside the box and be original.